We are interested in searching for “differences” rather than finding the “common.” We use the category of “value” for researching, exploring, and understanding “differences.” What are the limitations of what we can buy? What exactly are we buying when we buy art? Is it a material object, an experience, status, talent? Is it possible to purchase contemporary art if it is immaterial? Is it possible to purchase a dance? How do we set the value of a work of art, an experience, a human being?

In the first part, we stage an auction. The works on auction are six solo dances based on famous artworks. The audience is invited to bid on each dance – represented by the dancer standing beside the artwork that inspired it. In the second part, the audience members who purchased dances are invited to view them in their entirety.

The work, which was shown in Kyiv and Stockholm, was produced in collaboration with Swedish artists as part of the Swedish Institute’s SWІЖЕ program.

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