Risk Assessment


video, photo documentation of actions in public spaces

While working on Jeremy Deller‘s project “Risk Assessment” TanzLaboratorium continually repeated the same situations in public spaces in Warsaw, Kyiv and Moscow. They accidentally got their high heels stuck in various urban grilles, ran their heads into pillars or posts that pop up in the way, got entangled in their own clothes, being exposed to the risk of losing face (looking like fools). They don‘t really know what Deller meant exactly when giving his project this name but TanzLaboratorium understands it as a risky way of dealing with their own reflexes. Maybe Deller didn‘t have reflexes in mind at all, but rather, the community of people who get into various “silly” situations, an “impossible community” of those who know nothing about each other (and will never know). Besides, during the work on the project it turned into an investigation of the public spaces of three European capitals that almost 100 years ago were part of the Russian Empire but now have become an “impossible community.”