The video was made for the exhibition “Attention! Border” in Białystok and Lublin, Poland, out of documentation of interventions in public space:
2010 Invisible Generation, project in public space, curated by Per Huttner and Olav Westphalen (Kyiv, Ukraine);
2012 Disputed Territory, exhibition, curated by HUDRADA (Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine);
2014 Performance Now, exhibition, curated by Joanna Warsza and Rose Lee Goldberg, Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences (Krakow, Poland).

It was also shown in the exhibition “Faces of Freedom” at Nitra Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia, 2019.

“Headless is an absurdly funny film record of the public performances made by TL urban participants who decided to confront themselves with the contemporary Polish and Ukrainian historical politics which is often increasingly mutually antagonistic. In Krakow’s main tourist street Grodzka, next to Katyn cross (commemorating the 40 000 Polish officers killed by the Soviets in 1940) a long white limo arrives, from which two headless dwarves step out, accompanied by security guards – a scene like form a horror movie or a political thriller with a twist for macabre. They lay down red carnations as a tribute just like during the communist era. The situation is repeated several times next to places such as the Monument to the Military Actions of the Proletariat from 1986 or World War two memorials. They act in an identical way in Ukraine, where they pay homage to war memorials of Soviet soldiers who died in battle. The reaction of passerby varies, from passive observation to active willingness to disrupt the ceremony, with comments such as “this is our city”. The view of a slightly creepy pair in trench coats is definitely confounding and makes us think of two guests from the outer space or dignitaries of the current or old regime, who often do not differ that much from each other.”
–Agata Pyzik, text from the catalogue of “Attention! Border” exhibition